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We provide high quality, customized consulting in ethics, compliance, value and corporate responsibility. While our solutions are tailored to each client's objectives, many clients find it helpful to think about our work in three main areas of service:

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

"A large corporation is simply a microcosm of society. If environmental awareness is growing in society, if a sense of social responsibility is growing in society, these things will be reflected in the workforce."

United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, Nitin Desai.

Business behavior also impacts a large and growing array of stakeholders outside of your company's doors. And as busniess activity becomes increasingly global, its impacts on others expand accordingly.

Corporate Responsibility (CR) - often referred to as corporate social responsibility (CSR),  sustainability, or corporate citizenship - focuses on business impacts on society. Once marginalized by critics as an indulgence for "Green" executives, more and more corporate leaders recognize CR as being increasingly central to business success.

In India, the spectrum of CSR includes a number of areas as human rights, safety at work, consumer protection and carrying for the environment, and sustainable management of natural resources. From the perspective of employees, CSR activities include providing health and safety measures, preserving employee rights and discouraging discrimination at workplace. This helps fostering a healthy environment in the company.

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