Who We Are

We provide high quality, customized consulting in ethics, compliance, value and corporate responsibility. While our solutions are tailored to each client's objectives, many clients find it helpful to think about our work in three main areas of service:

History of Greenlife Foundation

Greenlife Foundation, a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) & Non-Profitable Organization (NPO) as well, was established in February 2007 under the policy of integrating "Sustainable Development" concept for continual development and betterment of the society and environment in India.

About Greenlife Foundation

We are strategic advisors, associated with business responsibility, typically in the areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability development and governance.

We are passionate about helping our clients to reach their own objectives, finding competitive advantage in social engagement, harnessing the enthusiasm of staff, managing supply chains more effectively, reducing costs and the impact of their businesses.

We add values across a wide variety of disciplines, both practical & academic, to increase performance & productivity, enhance creativity and, amongst other things, develop cross-cultural understanding. Our Operations Management team strongly believes in enabling social change through the efficient implementation of effective CSR and Corporate Sustainability programs which deliver value for all.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to create awareness and at large an understanding between corporates and communities to assist each other in creating positive & committed outcomes. Current approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility Programs as a whole will be re-defined through the creation of success models.

Why Greenlife Foundation?

We are specialist, full service CSR consultancy providing expertise in stakeholder engagement, CSR strategy development, non-financial reporting, research, assurance and sustainability approach. We identify and implement the opportunities represented by CSR & sustainability in business and government, both within India and internationally. Clients value our work through our responsible but innovative approach to what we do and our promise to deliver.